Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Stand up against dirty campaigining

Electing a mayor is serious business. The candidates must honestly present their credentials for the office.

Victoria Woodards worked for me for over eight years and was exceptional. She was incredible on the Metropolitan Park Board and became an accomplished Tacoma City Council member. She is endorsed by members of both bodies and a host of other elected officials.

When Congressman Norm Dicks wrote in to repudiate mayor candidate Jim Merritt’s claims of leadership roles in the redevelopment of Union Station and the Tacoma Spur, Dicks was simply defending his work for Tacoma citizens.

Likewise, the Loren and Mike Cohen refuse to stand by and let Merritt wrongly take credit for the multi-million dollar reclamation and development of their Point Ruston Project.

But when I received the campaign pieces comparing Merritt to President Trump and the one calling Woodards a liar, I was truly disgusted and, like so many of you, am saddened this election is being taken to low levels.

Let us stay above the negativity. Stand up and let the purveyors of this kind of campaigning know it’s not welcomed.

(Moss is a former Tacoma mayor and former Pierce County councilman.)