Letters to the Editor

Tacoma council: Thoms is good for business

Tacoma currently has a strong advocate for small business and his name is Robert Thoms.

In the past several years he has worked tirelessly for small businesses by helping to loosen the red tape and lower the costs for opening sidewalk dining, which has help lead to a 400 percent increase in participating restaurants.

This is an absolute win-win situation for businesses and for the city.

On a more personal note, in the summer of 2016, the sidewalk in front of my restaurant was torn up for more than two months. It was only supposed to be under construction for a few weeks, but problems arose and at one point it seemed as if there was no end in sight.

I called Thoms and he returned my call within an hour, saying he would look into the situation immediately. Less than 24 hours later, a city employee was at my business helping me navigate the disruption.

For Tacoma to be a place where we love to live and play, we need to keep people like Robert Thoms on our City Council.