Letters to the Editor

Tacoma council: Thoms’ military record matters

As a former Ranger Regiment team leader, I appreciate leadership and sacrifice, and I believe Robert Thoms’ service in the military benefits all of us as he serves on the City Council.

Tacoma has many former and active-duty military members and families who step up to protect our country, and we love having them here. I chose Tacoma to continue the next phase of my life and start my family because Tacoma gets military service.

However, I was shocked when I received an election hit piece in the mail questioning Thoms’ character. He is a leader; you don’t become a commander in the U.S. Navy unless you work extremely hard and you get things done.

Everyone knows when Thoms isn’t serving on the City Council he is serving our nation, so to suggest he doesn’t work hard enough is insulting to all those who serve our nation and work in our community.

The piece shows the very worst of politics. Thoms has more than earned my vote.