Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Woodards violates term limit spirit

While shopping the other day, I had two items to purchase, so went to the “eight items or less” lane. The shopper in front seemed to have more than the maximum items, so I pointed out the sign. The person laid out the items, stopped and counted, and put another divider out, with seven items on one side, eight on the other. Problem solved.

I admire Victoria Woodards’ service as an elected official, but it seems this is how she’s treating council term limits. No rules broken by resigning her council position to run for mayor, but she’s violating the spirit of the law.

Voters decided in 1973 that eight years out of 10 was enough for our City Council. It was confirmed by ballot in 2008 and again in 2016.

Past Mayor Harold Moss once told The News Tribune on the subject of term limits: “I feel very, very strongly that the rotation of fresh blood and fresh opportunities outweighs the easy incumbency to remain on the job.”

Moss said he served his time “and then it was my turn to get out of the way, because there are people coming up behind us who will serve well.”