Letters to the Editor

Tacoma council: Attack ad on Thoms is shameful

I was sad to see a negative mail piece attacking the only member of Tacoma's City Council who serves our country in the military.

When Robert Thoms isn't working hard for Tacoma, he is on Navy duty in Japan as a commander in the Navy Reserves. I find his leadership skills honed in the Navy to be a tremendous asset to Tacoma. He knows complex issues, he has managed multi-million dollar budgets and he has led men and women who put their lives on the line for us all.

Thoms' dedication to Tacoma was called into question by this shameful hit piece; no one on the City Council is more dedicated to the city and nation.

I know its the silly season for some politicians, but Thoms has earned my endorsement and I thank him for his service.

(Hesse is an Air Force veteran and member of Tacoma Firefighters Local 31.)