Letters to the Editor

Election: Grossman, Arnold balance council

Re: “Choose Arnold as voice of business,” (TNT letter, 10/25).

I agree with the letter writer concerning small businesses and Tacoma. Our current City Council lacks a basic understanding about running a successful business -- something I’ve been doing for 28 years, 22 years in Tacoma.

It’s important that the council understand businesses since they equate to employment and valuable tax revenue. Yet this council acts as if employers are their enemy.

This is why we need small business owners Kevin Grossman and Brian Arnold on the City Council. If we want the city to be prosperous and have the jobs we seek, the council must be better balanced and more knowledgeable.

The council claims Tacoma is growing by leaps and bounds. However, the growth the city has seen recently comes from attracting people from Seattle due to our comparatively low housing prices, rather than from any council initiatives or policies to help employers.

Tacoma has become little more than a bedroom community for Seattle.

Tacoma needs real-life business experience on the council, so we can encourage real growth by attracting and growing more businesses that provide family-wage jobs.

Grossman and Arnold would be voices of reason and fair, business-minded council members.