Letters to the Editor

Patriotism: As American as applesauce cake

Re: “Flag-wrapped America needs a little tough love,” (TNT reader column, 10/23).

Applesauce. Too much applesauce, not enough good stuff.

Those were my first thoughts after reading Tad Monroe’s cynical recipe for practicing patriotism in America. I’ll explain.

See, my mom had a signature dessert: applesauce cake. And after each of her five sons enlisted in the military over a 16-year spread (1953 - 1969), she made sure to routinely bake and send every one of her boys serving in uniform around the globe a loaf of her delicious applesauce cake.

Now what would you guess was the most essential ingredient? Applesauce? Nah. You’re smarter than that. As any child could tell you, ‘twas all the love she poured into every batch.

I think patriotism toward America is like my mom’s applesauce cake: Leave the love out, and small wonder our country won’t suit one’s taste.

Which begs the question: Why would Monroe want to preach to the rest of us a sermon on patriotism, as he’s admittedly been protesting our great republic since adolescence?

Seems to me, pastor, you’re in serious need of saving yourself on this particular subject.