Letters to the Editor

Trump: What's worse, ignorance or mental defect?

Sen. Bob Corker stated President Trump is temperamentally unsuited to the presidency, dangerous to the nation and world, and managed by staff forced into “adult daycare.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump a “moron” after nuclear weapons discussions. Trump doesn’t comprehend the utter destruction of these weapons.

Since the president controls the nuclear football, this is horrifying. Trump relishes goading the dangerous Korean dictator regarding who will annihilate whom.

As an attorney and former mental health professional, I don’t know what is more disturbing about Trump: his ignorance and disrespect of the law and its democracy fundamentals, or that he appears unwell, unfit for governing and dangerous to himself/others due to an inability to comprehend nuclear weapons, and an astonishing lack of diplomacy with foreign leaders.

Trump’s erratic behavior and late-night tweets are compounded by apparently chronic pathological lying, severe memory problems (or dementia), textbook narcissism and eerily sociopathic behavior.

He also has lack of empathy for others, including throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Steve Bannon warned Trump he was in more danger of removal via the 25th amendment than impeachment. Trump was unaware of the 25th amendment. Bring it on.