Letters to the Editor

Trump: Media won’t give credit where it’s due

Re: “The sham, shame of Harvey Weinstein’s sex rehab show,” (TNT, 10/26).

Recently New York Times writer Frank Bruni had a column printed in the TNT condemning Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein; then Bruni gratuitously opens a discussion of President Trump’s supposed wretchedness in detail.

Unfounded name calling of Trump appears continually in newspapers throughout America. Juveniles resort to name calling, while intelligent people define and discuss issues.

Trump’s accomplishments are mostly ignored by the news media.

First, he has destroyed the ISIS caliphate in Iraq/Syria in a few months without virtually a loss of American military lives. He rebuilt the destroyed Iraq army in a few weeks and put together fighting military units of Iraqis, Kurds and free Syrians to do the fighting.

In less than a year in office, he has the economy booming in America and the world. The stock market continues to climb to record highs; economic growth in now a healthy 3 percent; jobs are plentiful. The list of accomplishment goes on and on.

However, the juvenile Democrats and media want to destroy the man and his accomplishments through grade-school name calling. The American public deserves a media that reports issues without bias.