Letters to the Editor

AG: Ferguson doesn't speak for me

Re: “Ferguson touts his lawsuits against Trump in fundraising,” (TNT, 11/5).

Washington Attorney General Bob “Who do I sue this week?” Ferguson has the audacity to claim he speaks for the people of Washington and that he respects the rule of law.

The fact is that he’s only speaking for some residents of this state. And as far as his regard for law is concerned, it depends how he feels in the morning.

We live in a state where tobacco products cannot be advertised on billboards but marijuana is pushed by the state and heroin use is virtually encouraged. The state not only allows the distribution of needles to those bent on killing themselves, but also gives communities freedom to allow places for them to shoot up.

And while it’s noble of Ferguson to want to defend the rights of people residing in this state illegally, they are still here in violation of federal law. But then Ferguson picks and chooses which federal laws are to be respected and which are not.

Ferguson and the current governor should keep in mind that many people here did not vote for Hillary Clinton.