Letters to the Editor

Veteran’s Day: Don't overlook WWI doughboys

I am a veteran of World War II. As such I appreciate a day set aside to honor all veterans of our military forces.

However it is with sadness that I look back and think that our government preempted another holiday to make room for Veterans Day on Nov. 11. It was originally Armistice Day in remembrance of those who went through the horrors of trench warfare in France during the Great War, later referred to as World War I.

Not until late in life did my father begin to talk a bit about those events during his time in France. As he put it to my brother-in-law one day: “I don’t’ believe in the organized church but I know where I’m going because I’ve already been through hell.”

As a child I can recall that at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, the fire station would set off the sirens. Every person who heard that siren would stop what they were doing and spend a moment reflecting on the sacrifices made by those who served in France.

Let’s not forget Armistice Day, the sacrifices of the doughboys and the terrors of trench warfare.