Letters to the Editor

Trump: Compassion deficit again rears its head

Re: “Soldier’s widow says Trump didn’t know husband’s name,” (TNT, 10/24).

What surprises me about the president’s call to Myeshia Johnson was that he needed advice on what to say. How difficult is it to offer heartfelt condolences to a bereaved widow?

And shouldn’t he by now have had ample opportunity to become comfortable with such calls? After all, we’ve been told he’s been sending out letters and making phone calls to Gold Star families all along.

That being so, you would think he wouldn’t need a “life coach” to shepherd him through the process. After almost a year in office, he should have already topped that particular learning curve.

Of course, we now know the truth. He’s been shirking his duty. The White House is behind on its letters and phone calls, and is having to play catch up -- though not to worry. Letters have now been sent and phone calls made, we’ve been assured. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Except it’s just another sorry fiasco pointing to an essential character flaw making Trump unfit for office. He’s too wrapped up in himself to truly show compassion.

Compassion is a foreign country to him, and he may never learn its language.