Letters to the Editor

Elections: Uninformed voters shouldn't vote

Re: “If registered voters don’t vote, we’re all worse for it,” (TNT editorial, 11/7).

I couldn’t disagree more with this editorial. I would rather have a minority of registered voters filling out their ballots than have apathetic voters doing the same.

Moreover, people who don’t bother to vote are in effect saying that they couldn’t care less and are happy to let other voters make decisions for them.

In the same edition of the TNT, there was an article about the appalling lack of thinking skills among our 6th through 12th grade students. Based on what’s happening on many college campuses and in our nation at large, I contend that critical thinking doesn’t improve after high school either.

We are all better off when people who are uninformed, easily manipulated or lacking in critical thinking do not vote. And it makes my vote even more powerful.