Letters to the Editor

Child discipline: It needs to be done in public

Even with laws permitting parents and guardians to discipline children, it is never performed in public areas, where it is needed most, and society should not look down on parents disciplining children in public.

Every day in my school life, I see many other students act immaturely and disrespectfully toward teachers, constantly not listening to what they’re told to do and giving the teacher lip whenever possible.

These are the people who will make up the work force, the government and the military. The thought sends shivers down my spine.

We cannot make the same mistakes our parents made; we need to discipline our children. If people instead looked at disciplining a child in public as a good thing, more people would be inclined to do it, and we would have a disciplined generation, one mature enough to handle adulthood and run our country effectively.

We need more parents willing to discipline their children, especially in their younger ages between 5 and 10, since that is when children listen to us most.

We cannot just let them do what they please just because they are delicate little snowflakes.