Letters to the Editor

Tideflats: Shame on council for gutting rules

Re: “Debate on land use at Port roils City Council meeting,” (TNT, 11/15).

At the end of this meeting, citizens were shocked by the Strickland-Walker Lee amendment. It cut into the Planning Commission’s work on interim regulations for the Port.

When elected officials ignore competent city staff and informed constituents, they display irresponsibility if not corruption.

Councilwoman Lauren Walker Lee spoke of having to compromise with industry voices, but such political maneuvering harms the health and safety of this community, as well as the future of the Salish Sea.

(It is dying and some Puyallup tribal members lament the poor condition of their traditional halibut, salmon and clams).

No wonder Mayor Marilyn Strickland was not courageous or caring enough to remain when speakers stated that they want a pause on new and existing fossil fuel infrastructure in the Tideflats, until the subarea plan is completed.

Every council person except Ryan Mello and Anders Ibsen passed the atrocious amendment!

Just who is representing the well being of Tacomans? This amendment guts the work of the Planning Commission, just as polluting industries have gutted the fragile Puget Sound.