Letters to the Editor

Tideflats: Amend interim regulations for national security

Members of the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership (SSMCP) understand that on Tuesday, the Tacoma City Council will consider the final reading of Ordinance 28470 to adopt Tideflats interim regulations. The SSMCP is a partnership that provides regional leadership to bridge military and civilian communities.

SSMCP supports the preliminary decision by the City Council to amend Tideflats interim regulations that would have restricted fuel storage and delivery such as those that would affect Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

An inability to access adequate fuel supplies would adversely impact JBLM’s mission readiness and have a detrimental impact on national security. Military installations must be able to surge military capability during times of national crisis.

Contingency crises necessitate greater reliance on the civilian infrastructure to support military missions. If the crisis occurs in Northeast Asia, JBLM would be the main power projection platform for deployments there. Air Force operations at JBLM rely on the fuel pipeline and storage tanks at the port to sustain global airlift missions.

Any limitations on fuel storage capacity and delivery capability would quickly become a national security issue.

(Adamson is program manager for SSMCP.)