Letters to the Editor

Tideflats: Council mustn't take business growth for granted

I have always believed stewardship of our environment and sound economic policy are not mutually exclusive. We all want to protect our environment and ensure we leave a better community for the next generation.

The decisions the Tacoma City Council is scheduled to make this week will impact Tacoma-Pierce County’s viability as a competitive, metropolitan and welcoming city.

I urge them not take our jobs for granted and assume the economy will continue to expand and that new jobs will come to our region. I would like for the council to remember the impacts of job loss and net economic decline that we recently faced during the Great Recession.

Please consider policies that are fair to all and let the subarea process do what it is designed to do – engage a variety of stakeholders who deserve a seat and a voice at the table.

I support the ordinance as amended by the Council on Nov 14. It does not satisfy everyone, but that is the nature of compromise.

(Merton is vice president of business retention and expansion for the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County.)