Letters to the Editor

Marijuana: Synch smoking age to voting age

As a teenager growing into a young adult, freedom and choices are becoming less limited for me. In Washington, the legal age to vote is 18, the legal age to purchase tobacco products is 18, but the legal age for purchasing and consuming recreational marijuana is 21.

The legal age for marijuana should be 18, too. A person old enough to vote for the legalization of marijuana should have access to it. The votes of anyone under 21 are irrelevant if they can’t use what they are voting for.

Marijuana is extremely popular among teenagers. (“One out of every 15 high school students smokes marijuana on a nearly daily basis,” according to the New York Times.)

The assumption can be made that these teens are getting marijuana from illicit markets. If the legal age becomes 18, that problem will be minimized.

By lowering the legal age, teens won’t be putting themselves in danger by getting involved with illegal sales, and votes of anyone under 21 will matter more if they are voting for something they can partake in.