Letters to the Editor

School hours: Start later so students can thrive

As a high school student, I believe we need a permanent change in our school schedules to start later, and a day of catching up when no work is assigned

It is not normal for a teenage student to be feeling this stressed due to lack of sleep, to the point where you want to cry yourself to sleep. This causes attendance and grades to go down.

District officials have to put themselves in our shoes because some of us have jobs, after school activities, kids, and on top of that, homework from six classes or more if you’re a Running Start student like me.

Statistics show our brain does not work at its full potential if we’re awake too early or did not get enough sleep. It’s not fair that teachers expect us to be perfect; life gets in the way.

People are going to crack because of pressure and stress. Let’s not wait until this happens. Change our schedules.