Letters to the Editor

Kindness: Our children often show the way

My 12-year-old son Samuel continues to amaze me with empathy and kind deeds. At school last week, one of his classmates broke down in tears, missing her father who is on active duty in Afghanistan. With Veterans Day on hand, Samuel decided to do something special to help cheer her up.

He went to her home and hand delivered a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers with a card wishing her and her family peace and thanking her father for his military service.

While Samuel was picking out the flowers, a customer inquired what the occasion was. Samuel explained his intentions and she was so touched, she purchased a red, white and blue heart ornament to include with his bouquet.

This may not be the biggest story of the week, but I believe stories like this should be shared to help remind people there is more than just doom and gloom in the world. We have goodhearted people all around us, and their actions can be contagious.