Letters to the Editor

Charity care: Franciscan hasn't lost its way

Re: “Charity ills run deeper than Tacoma hospital,” (TNT, 10/4).

This editorial suggests Franciscan Health System may not be the charitable caregiver it once was.

While the nature of health care has changed from a romanticized system of paying for a doctor’s visit with a chicken, the reality is more complicated. Healthcare is a business and exists on revenue. Yet Franciscan still provides support to its neighbors in need.

The Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps is a group of volunteer healthcare providers. Every year since 2006, MRC has received flu vaccine from Franciscan for high-risk populations.

Previously, the RotaCare Free Clinic needed laboratory support for its uninsured clients. Thousands of dollars of lab work was provided by Franciscan from 2009 to 2014, when the clinic closed due to the success of Obamacare coverage.

As a nurse who has volunteered in this town at many events serving those who are poor and in need of safety net services, I cannot express enough thanks to Franciscan as a dependable partner and understanding supporter.