Letters to the Editor

Tideflats: Don't let NIMBYs kill golden goose

Re: “Fossil fuel industry in Tacoma needs pause,” (TNT, local viewpoint, 11/12).

After reading Sherrie Duncan’s viewpoint making the case against allowing energy industries to build in the Port of Tacoma, one could be left feeling that the old NIMBY ghost has resurrected itself.

Article after article is written by well-meaning but largely naive columnists who don’t quite grasp the realities of providing the energy needs of millions of people. Oil and gas are nature’s efficient means of packaging massive energy in a small package.

They are derived from the rotting of all living mass laid out into pools for us to use in heating our homes, driving our cars, lighting our world, cooking our meals, and fulfilling the needs of the masses.

Yes, oil and gas are indeed renewable and sustainable. Wise, efficient use of energy is the answer to our needs.

We shouldn’t be so quick to kill the goose that lays the golden egg and provides for our productivity.