Letters to the Editor

Urban deforestation: Running amok in Gig Harbor

The deforestation in Gig Harbor is appalling from both an aesthetic and ecological point of view. We are cutting down all our forests to make way for more neighborhoods and strip malls while driving away animals that are native to the area.

People are reporting higher than usual numbers of bear sightings, and are scared to let kids and pets outside. The bears are being blamed, but as per usual it is the fault of the humans.

There are not more bears now than there were 10 years ago, we are simply seeing them more. We are getting rid of their habitat, and as a result they are being forced into backyards simply because they have nowhere else to go.

I have lived in Gig Harbor most of my life and grew up admiring the wild spaces around me. Now anytime I go somewhere I pass at least one spot where there used to be a forest, wetland or meadow -- and in its place is another development.