Letters to the Editor

Harassment: Dems at least show repentance

I am furious at what is happening politically with regard to sex abuse allegations. All accusations need to be taken seriously, which, until movie producer Harvey Weinstein, were not.

Now that this has been cleared up, what has happened in the past several days shows the clear difference between the parties. When Democrat Sen. Al Franken showed as guilty, he admitted his transgression, apologizing to the public and the victim.

Meanwhile, we have Roy Moore, who clearly dated teens when he was in his 30s because everyone in Gadsden, Alabama, knew it was going on and he was expelled from the local mall because his behavior was so awful.

Moore denies his guilt and stays in the race. He blames the corrupt media (as does Trump) rather than accepting his own guilt. He gets others to back him. (That’s not the man I know!)

These cues are given him by President Trump, who lies 5.5 times per day and has a past problem with women himself. Yet no Republican leaders are holding him to account.