Letters to the Editor

Transit: Graham needs bus routes back

Several years ago, Pierce Transit bus routes were cut back in rural Pierce County. It has had a devastating effect on the population that needs it most.

As a student, I know many people who depend on buses to get to and from classes. The nearest bus stop to me is on Meridian, which requires a car ride to get to.

Many of the elderly and those with low incomes rely on this as their only form of transportation. They have no way to get to the buses and cannot make it to jobs and appointments without relying on someone else.

Our government pours money into building and maintaining the road system, only to promote more cars on the road, making congestion and pollution worse. This in turn causes them to build more roads in an endless cycle.

The solution is to invest in public transit, not cut it back. Let’s start spending our money wisely in areas that benefit everyone.