Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Full story on racial comment untold

Re: “McCarthy’s racial comments disrupt mayoral campaign,” (TNT 11/1).

The TNT’s article on Tom McCarthy was incomplete. McCarthy never made racist comments about Tacoma mayor candidate Victoria Woodards or anyone else.

If the whole story was correctly reported, people would see (from Facebook posts, which is where the story came from) that McCarthy used a quote from Malcolm X to explain that he sides with laborers versus those backed by money.

Yes, the quote was controversial, but so were the actions of those whom McCarthy was communicating with on Facebook. The TNT did not explain McCarthy’s side thoroughly.

By the barrage of anti-Merritt flyers I received within two days of Election Day, I would say supporters of both sides are guilty of political games

When it comes to publishing stories about citizens, perhaps the complete story should be published next time.