Letters to the Editor

Photographer: A true pro, not just at crime scenes

Re: “Longtime TNT photographer captured the city’s life for 35 years,” (TNT, 11/22).

I am sad to hear of the passing of Bob Rudsit. I first met Bob when I was also a news photographer working in Lakewood. We met at the scene of a crime.

I was fairly new on the job and had not yet acquired the complement of lenses preferable for photojournalism work. The scene I needed to photograph had already been cordoned off and left me almost too far away to capture any meaningful images.

Bob, who should have been considered a competitor, walked up to me, introduced himself and, recognizing my predicament, handed me one of his longer lenses, enabling me to return to the newsroom with a story. His gesture was a great lesson to me on how to behave on the job.

We continued to run into each other, sharing tales about how we captured the stories on various assignments, most of which were at crime scenes, including the capture of a few bank robbers.

Learning through the newspaper of his many passions, I am sad to learn we shared many similar activities, yet never knew it.

Bob was a great photographer and member of our community.