Letters to the Editor

Fircrest: Mayor lost election but still has fans

I would like to join with hundreds of Fircrest residents and thank Mayor Matthew Jolibois for being one of the best public servants Fircrest has ever had.

He grew up in Fircrest and chose to give back to our community, which is very rare these days. Some people complain and act like judge, jury and executioner while sitting behind computer screens, but leaders like Jolibois roll up their sleeves, work with residents and solve problems.

He led the way on installing cost-saving LED lights, the adopt-a-park program, putting an end to the prohibition on alcohol, updating the old city website and saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars on sewer projects.

When a current and an incoming council member wanted to put our police in used cars, Jolibois led the charge to ensure our officers, who put their lives on the line, have what they need to keep neighborhoods safe.

While Jolibois will be missed, his hard work and dedication will be felt for generations to come.