Letters to the Editor

Tax reform: Cartoon promotes false claims

The partisan political cartoon in the Nov. 20 TNT falsely claims that tax reform will only enrich corporations while ordinary Americans suffer.

Republicans are attempting to fix our obtuse mess of a tax system to help both hard-working wage earners and job-creating business owners.

For example, they would lower the tax rate for all businesses to 20 percent, slightly below the average for developed countries but still higher than many. Historical data show that lower rates lead to reinvestment in human and capital assets, increased productivity, more jobs, higher salaries and lower prices.

They also would put in place a variety of safeguards that discourage tax-avoidance practices, such as imposing a 10 percent tax on U.S. multinational companies’ intellectual property held in tax havens like Bermuda but allowing them to repatriate their earnings tax free.

Besides making the corporate tax system more fair, Republican proposals would decrease tax rates for individuals at every income level, further supporting pass-through to small business owners as well as all working Americans.

It is unfortunate that some political cartoonists and news editors prefer taking cheap shots instead of earnestly examining fact-based solutions.