Letters to the Editor

Trump: His opponents wallow in hatemongering

I didn’t vote for President Obama, but after his election, I hoped he’d succeed big. He disappointed me with his health care, immigration and bathroom policies, and appointees.

Before the last election, Democrats laughed at Donald Trump and publicly humiliated him. Hillary Clinton ran a “Hate Trump” campaign, no change to Obama policies.

The newspapers and TV continue it with racist claims, Russia is coming, impeachment demands, Trump’s bloody head as entertainment, etc. A drink of water generates snide comments. Yet he’d better not tweet back.

Democrats also vote HateTrump with no regard for the issues or people. They call the people who voted for Trump “deplorables” or stupid. If conservative Republicans speak, it leads to riots and attacks — intimidation.

People pick up on this. College kids think violence is justified. Some professional football players continue the message: Hate police and whites.

It divides the country, like after the Civil War, when some Democrats helped create the Ku Klux Klan to hate and terrorize blacks. Now it’s HateTrumpers.

If this hatemongering is the “high ground,” I’d hate to see when they really get nasty.