Letters to the Editor

Puyallup: Voters chose unwisely for council seat

In following the results of the Puyallup City Council elections, I am shocked by how uninformed residents have allowed themselves to become. By the current tally of votes, the citizens of Puyallup have elected a candidate for District 2 who has no experience relevant to the position.

A person can live anywhere for 30 years, but that does not make her an engaged member of the community. This candidate received no major campaign endorsements. Fire, police and Tacoma News Tribune endorsements all went to incumbent Heather Shadko after both candidates completed interview processes

When a candidate’s campaign is based on falsifications about her opponent and the issues, it is up to the voters to do their own research and determine the truth. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

When warehouses take over our remaining farmland and the small town qualities of the city disappear, I hope residents of Puyallup remember this election.

(Shadko is the daughter of Puyallup City Councilwoman Heather Shadko.)