Letters to the Editor

Tax reform: GOP sells out teachers, students

Unfortunately, not one of our state’s Republican members of Congress stood up for the hard-working students and teachers they are supposed to represent and instead voted for a terribly flawed Republican tax bill.

After secret negotiations behind closed doors, the Republican leadership has produced a bill full of massive giveaways to millionaires and big corporations — paid for by struggling students, underpaid and overworked educators, and others in the middle class.

For nearly 20 years, I have heard how my colleagues spend their own money to buy school supplies for their students. A tax deduction for a few hundred dollars to cover those school supplies may not be important to billionaires like President Trump or Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, but it is important to underpaid and overworked Washington teachers.

It’s unfair to expect these families to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations.

The new bill also will make student debt more onerous by eliminating the deduction for interest paid on student loans. The bill also lowers the incentive to support endowments for colleges by changing the rules on tax write-offs for contributions to higher education.

Our lawmakers can do much better for working families and students.

(Boggess is vice president for contingent faculty for AFT Washington, aka the American Federation of Teachers.)