Letters to the Editor

State AG: Proudly undefeated in Trump lawsuits

Re:”Attorney General Bob Ferguson turning Trump lawsuits into campaign cash,” (TNT, 11/6).

I chuckled while reading this recent story. Few things are as amusing to me these days than Republican political operatives trying to criticize my work.

For example, Republican political consultant Chad Minnick is quoted with the following zinger: “The bigger issue is (Ferguson’s) supposed to be the attorney general for the state of Washington, not the attorney for the King County Democratic Party.”

That one really hurt. There’s just one problem which your reporter neglected to mention: I actually filed a lawsuit against the King County Democratic Party. And the Spokane Democratic Party. And the Pierce County Democratic Party.

I could go on, but space is limited!

Elsewhere in the article, Republican political consultants assert that my work holding the Trump administration accountable to the rule of law is all about politics.

An important fact not included in the article is my record against the Trump administration: 5-0.

Paging Republican political consultants: You need some fresh talking points!

(Ferguson is Washington’s attorney general.

He did not return a reporter’s call for comment on the story in question.)