Letters to the Editor

Opioid abuse: Treat everyone who needs help

Re: “Opioid fight requires more than words,” (TNT editorial, 11/29).

The opioid crisis has officially reached a state of emergency in Pierce County, thanks to a recently signed resolution by the Pierce County Council.

With 704 opiate-related deaths between 2004 and 2014, according to the Washington Department of Health, this gets us one step closer to addressing the issue as a community—at least on paper.

The truth is, our county has been experiencing the effects of opiate addiction for quite some time; the latest version being fueled by prescription opioid abuse. Once hooked and prescriptions run out, people who never imagined being affected end up turning to street drugs.

Suddenly, people from different social classes wind up in the same boat.

Seeing the devastating effects of addiction, we should look to provide treatment and flexible solutions for those needing help to get out of it.

While the resolution is a step in the right direction, Pierce County has much that it can do to move towards addiction treatment for every person affected by this disease.

If we are serious about addressing this issue in our own backyard, perhaps this is an opportunity for us to bridge the gap for all.