Letters to the Editor

Tax bill: GOP gives us middle finger for Christmas

I am in disbelief that the current elected GOP majority turned its back on our nation and most of its people in order to enrich and reward those who need it least.

We have been sold out by those elected to fairly represent the best interests of the majority. Regardless of what may happen in the future, the Senate’s contemptuous act in passing this atrocious tax bill will cause much suffering among our country’s elderly and most vulnerable for many years to come.

It took less than one year for the richest, proudest and most powerful nation in the world to become a global embarrassment and threat to the entire planet, all while our citizens are set up to suffer and die in the streets.

The passage of this ridiculously entitled “Cut, Cut, Cut Tax Bill” (along with its multiple special interest “hidden-egg” provisions) benefit only the very wealthy.

This bill must be soundly defeated for the good of this nation and the world.