Letters to the Editor

School funding: Fix broken system first

Good grief, when is enough enough? There are so many questions, and none of this is new.

Back in 1978, in the famous Seattle School District case, the state Supreme Court ruled Washington was not complying with the constitution’s Article IX section 1: “The paramount duty to amply make provisions for the education of all students regardless of race or ethnic orientation.”

In subsequent lawsuits in 2007, 2010 and 2012, the Supreme Court and subsequent panels of judges seem to have interpreted that to read: ‘Fully fund everything the Department of Education demands, and damn the budget!”

The wording of Article IX seems to imply that educating all students, whether they wish to be or not, is apparently more important than everything else.

However, pouring more money into a dysfunctional system is not the answer.

Our society is a complex synergy of individuals, and one common education system does not fit all, like it or not.

Common sense and logic should prevail, and public officials should concentrate on fixing the problem system first, then worry about funding later.

Rodger A. Hartley, Tacoma