Letters to the Editor

Tax reform: Plan’s timing doesn’t make sense

Re: “Senate GOP tax plan trips up on report it can’t pay for self,” (TNT, 12/1).

One of my biggest questions regarding the Republicans’ tax scheme is simply, why now?

If you talk with any financial planner worth their salt, they will tell you to maintain at least a six-month savings cushion for unplanned emergencies.

By all accounts the economy is on a very good footing right now. Corporate profits are at an all-time high, unemployment is down and the stock market is at a record high.

Why do we need to put in a tax scheme that at best could only be justified in a time of economic peril when a stimulus is needed?

I read in this TNT story that the Republican scheme is not revenue neutral even if all its economic assumptions hold true. Some of these assumptions include a annual growth rate of over 3 percent and zero recessions for the next ten years.

The current scheme is just a huge dept creator that will leave us even less able to deal with our next economic crisis.

Republicans are just acting like the most irresponsible credit card holder you know.

Matt Condit, Gig Harbor