Letters to the Editor

Congress: Scandals show need for term limits

The initial Republican establishment response to Judge Roy Moore was that he should withdraw from the Alabama Senate race.

After a second look and realizing Moore was the only true alternative to a Democrat, all Republicans quietly decided to let Alabama voters decide who should be the next senator from that state, thus protecting their political position in the Senate.

Then there are the Democrats and Al Franken. It was all about Franken apologizing and having an ethics investigation before Senate Democrats checked to see who was the current governor of Minnesota.

Once they realized Gov. Mark Dayton of the Democratic-Farm-Labor Party would choose the person to complete Franken’s term, many senators, especially women, came out of the woodwork demanding Franken resign.

These plutocrats acted in a manner similar to their Republican counterparts, thus protecting their political privilege.

These examples illustrate the self-serving nature of our entrenched political class. Ethics and decency mean little when it comes to protecting their positions.

They are as addicted to power as much as the worst drug addict that has ever lived.

It’s time for term limits for members of the Senate and House.

L. H. Smith, University Place