Letters to the Editor

State AG: Ferguson grandstands for votes

Re: “State AG undefeated in Trump lawsuits,” (TNT letter, 12/6).

Republican consultants may need new talking points, but Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson needs a new job.

He does not seem to understand that securing our borders and keeping undesirables out of our country is the job of the federal government. He only was successful because our liberal courts are also ignorant of this fact.

The only reason Ferguson stuck his nose in the feds’ business was to get votes. We call that grandstanding. He has aspirations to higher office or otherwise he wouldn’t be amassing campaign funds. Can you say Mr. Governor?

If he cared so much about wrongdoing, he should have done his real job and taken Sound Transit to task for lying to the taxpaying voters about what passage of ST3 would really cost them.

He should have made them roll back the inflated vehicle values they used to assess us. But as a self-serving politician he is only looking out for himself.

I have a message for Ferguson: If I lived in a small rural town where they voted for the position of dog catcher, you would not get my vote.

Charles Woodhead Jr., Spanaway