Letters to the Editor

Traffic: Point Ruston a mess and getting messier

Re: “Fish brew pub opening eatery on waterfront,” (TNT, 12/7).

Another new restaurant at the Point Ruston development. Sounds great. It will have room for another 350 people.

But when was the last time you drove down Ruston Way, particularly in the summer? Has anyone noticed the awful traffic?

There are only two ways to access Point Ruston: via Ruston Way and North 51st Street. Has anyone requested the developers improve the traffic situation as part of the multi-million dollar monument to themselves?

Not only is this development forging ahead, Point Defiance Park is expanding its entrance just a mile away. Do you know how many roads access the park’s main entrance? One.

Ever been down that way for Taste of Tacoma? It’s a disaster.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tacoma. But planning developments must include a better job thinking through traffic access. The status quo is no way to plan for a sustainable, enjoyable community. The impact on people who live in that area is nightmarish.

What can be done about this before it is total gridlock?

Susan Smith-Rife, Tacoma