Letters to the Editor

Sports arena: Sonics aren’t only homeless ones

Re: “Seattle arena update moves ahead,” (TNT, 12/5).

More exciting news out of Seattle, with a renovation of the city-owned KeyArena — a $600 million remodel privately financed by an out-of-state group. Wow!

The possibility of a hockey/basketball and concert arena could also be a partial solution to the region’s homeless situation.

Just think, when the arena is not in use waiting for teams to come a knocking, the homeless could make use of all that empty space. Showers, toilets and a roof over their heads, at no cost to taxpayers!

And when/if the space is needed for playing time, homeless individuals could seek alms outside the arena doors from those wealthy enough to by tickets for the big events.

Yes, sir, this really could be a world-class facility.

Michael E. Arndt, Tacoma