Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Endless attacks on Trump are hypocritical

I am sick to death of the constant barrage of half truths and untruths constantly leveled against our president. In almost every article in The News Tribune, though it might have nothing to do with Donald Trump, somewhere there will be negative comments about him.

Democrats have a hard time accepting that their heroine lost the presidential election, and have seized every dirty trick possible to completely ruin the Trump administration. They do not seem to care if they take our country down with their actions.

The hounds are once again baying and gnashing their teeth, with 59 democrats demanding an investigation regarding Trump over sexual allegations. I am wondering where these stalwart activists were in the past.

I recall Ted Kennedy swimming away and leaving a girl to drown following his accident. Where were they during John F. Kennedy’s administration when he had women companions?

Where were they during the adulterous actions of Bill Clinton, who disgraced the highest office in our country by seducing a young intern? Where were they when Paula Jones was paid to keep her quiet? Where were they during the episode of the infamous dress?

This is reminiscent of the Salem witch hunt.

Billie Jean Tilstra, Graham