Letters to the Editor

Protests: Why focus on division at museum debut?

Re: “Protests greet Trump at civil rights museum,” (TNT, 12/10).

Your front page article from the Washington Post paints an unbalanced and sadly divisive picture of what should have been a reconciling event celebrating the opening of the Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.

The article focused primarily on the protests surrounding the visit by President Trump — protests led and incited by Democrat politicians. They were saying, in effect, “You are not welcome here. We despise you. We refuse to be seen in public with you.”

You failed to print two other stories from the same source, which chronicled not only the president’s visit but the opening of the museum itself and the history of the struggle for civil rights in Mississippi.

Either of those would have been informative and helpful. Why you chose the hurtful and divisive article, I cannot imagine.

Jeff Shaver, Federal Way