Letters to the Editor

Americans: What happened to listening skills?

Last weekend I caught an early morning broadcast from Mexico City by the BBC called “World Questions.” It was a town hall type discussion with local citizens asking questions.

I was impressed by their eloquence and insight. The Mexicans have the same hopes and fears that we do. In fact, they sounded just like us!

Americans have lost the ability to listen. We evaluate others to identify their political party, then label and dismiss them. We’re circling the wagons to reinforce our beliefs.

We view immigrants as threats, not assets. We want to huddle behind a wall, not venture abroad with open eyes and ears.

This attitude makes us weak. What do you really know about Mexico, Syria or North Korea? A wall will not make you safe, but knowledge will.

Next time you hear a contrary opinion, be quiet. And listen.

Robert Girvin, Tacoma