Letters to the Editor

Tax reform: Same old trickle-down con job

Re: “GOP tries to sell tax bill to a skeptical public,” (TNT, 12/18).

Once again we taxpayers are being played as fools by the failed trickle-down argument: that if only we would give money to the rich corporations, they will give it back to us in the form of jobs.

First, companies will not hire us simply because we give them tax breaks. Why would they? if labor is cheaper overseas, they will still employ workers overseas.

Second, a company only invests in hiring more workers if it needs to keep up with demand for its products. Companies mostly invest in research or better means of production if they feel a need to be more productive or create a new product.

As my father, who had a great understanding of economics, would say: Giving money to the rich only helps your employment if you have a job building yachts.