Letters to the Editor

Christmas: Keep bells ringing in Tacoma

The Christmas season is filled with references to bells. However many businesses in our area have silenced the bells that have rung for 125 years plus in front of the red kettle for the Salvation Army.

Volunteers who ring the bells remind us with each ring to take care of each other, to love, give, connect to our human family, the essence of the spirit of the season.

However, in some cities and at some businesses, the bells have gone silent in order to not distract the business of commercialism.

I was at the lavishly decorated Bellevue Square with my family in front of the Macy’s store and saw a volunteer for the Salvation Army not able to ring a bell.

Her spirit was not broken, however, as she said to every person “ Merry Christmas” as the shopping traffic rapidly rushed by her.

I stopped to inquire why no bell and she said that it was the policy for this business.

In reflection, I want to hope for a world where bells can still ring. In 2017, the bells have gone silent for many, especially the poor who have become invisible politically.

I ask Tacoma businesses to continue to let bells ring.