Letters to the Editor

Governor: He’s hardly equipped to criticize Trump

Re: “Inslee labels Trump a nuke threat,” (TNT, 12/14).

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee worries about President Trump’s finger on the thermo-nuclear trigger, when he has trouble just being an employee of the state 50 percent of the time.

Inslee lets highways fall apart and is unable to handle the traffic we already have. He’s 100 percent behind not allowing coal power in our state, but has not one idea on the electrical usage that will be needed in 10 years.

Oh, that’s right, he will not be governor anymore! Sounds like his timetable to run for president is 2020 -- that is, if we still have a world.

I say Trump has more on the handle than our second-hand governor.

John A. Sable, DuPont