Letters to the Editor

Banned words: Fed action is deeply frightening

Re: “HHS denies ban on words such as ‘science-based,” (TNT, 12/17).

Over the last 11 months I’ve watched one appalling action after another by our federal executive branch of government, to where it has become the cliched new normal.

But the news of the administration banning words such as ‘”diversity,’”fetus,” “vulnerable” and “science-based” from use by the Centers for Disease Control is truly shocking – and deeply frightening.

Will “democracy,” “protest” and “‘civil rights” be next? It’s starting to look like the only thing George Orwell got wrong was the title of his book. He should have called it, “2017” instead of “1984.”

We are quickly accelerating down a very slippery, very dangerous slope.

Kimberly Danke, Olympia