Letters to the Editor

Amtrak: Last-chance ride was a beauty

Re: “One of the last great Washington train rides is coming to an end,” (TNT, 12/9).

Reporter Craig Sailor’s article about the Amtrak Coast Starlight route change sparked such an interest that my wife and I rode the rails, along with more than 130 others that day, who’d read the same article.

Nearly everyone in line raised their hand when the conductor yelled “who’s going to Centralia?” followed by hearty laughter.

I asked the people surrounding us “did we all read the same article?” to which a resounding “yes!” was the reply.

The trip was effortless thanks to the article’s perfect layout of train numbers, times and venues. McMenamin’s Pub was more than ready for the influx of folks. Service was prompt and jovial with the food crowning the entire experience.

The ride down and back was relaxing and a fantastic reminder of the true beauty that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s sad that the rails running parallel to the Puget Sound beneath the Narrows Bridges will no longer be accessed by passenger trains, but nearly everyone I talked to had never taken the trip before that day.

I, at 57, was among the youngest of all passengers.

RL Reiff, Normandy Park