Letters to the Editor

Evangelicals: ‘Good News’ seems more like theocracy

Re: “Evangelicals search their souls,” (TNT, 12/15).

And well they should when their top-level agenda is “appointing judges who are likely to rule against abortion and gay rights” and “channeling government funds to private religious schools” and more.

So-called “evangelical” Christians supposedly proclaim the “Good News,” yet their agenda is a message of “no” and seems focused on establishing a theocracy (rule by God) in place of our democracy (shaped by free choice of all citizens).

Whenever Christians want government to teach and enforce what they believe is God’s will, they are openly confessing their inability to win converts freely to their views.

Perhaps it is time to consider that they misunderstand God and God’s ways of doing things.

God is not a tyrant, enforcing a rigid set of rules on people’s lives. Rather, God is a patient lover, persistently seeking to win freely chosen cooperation and partnership in overcoming evil in the world.

Especially the evils of violent abuse of fellow humans, of oppression and exploitation of the weak by the strong, the poor by the wealthy, and of manipulating the government in their favor.

I am one “evangelical liberal” who dreams of the day when fellow evangelicals truly pursue these goals.